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QBIC Benefits Realization case studies



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Chronic Disease Prevention and Management through EMR decision support tools 


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) management

The Guelph Family Health Team adopted the COPD EMR decision support tool to reduce readmissions for COPD, supporting proactive care through informed decision making and ensuring appropriate steps to improve the patient’s disease trajectory.

Published: March 2017

Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) management 

The New Vision Family Health Team, a Heart Function Clinic, used a CHF EMR decision support tool to better support efficient management of CHF patients, assisting the PCP in the provision of timely, evidence-based care to support optimal patient outcomes.

Published: September 2017













Enabling timely access to specialists using eConsult

A primary care provider from Waterloo Family Health Organization adopted eConsult to facilitate prompt access to and communication with specialists, allowing for timely specialist advice, reducing patient anxiety and decreasing unnecessary referrals.

Published: September 2017

Enabling improved patient care using eConsult 

A local primary care provider adopted eConsult to support timely patient care for issues outside their scope of practice, facilitating timely access to experience-based specialist knowledge and increasing their confidence in developing a treatment plan.


Published: January 2018


Tablets used to enhance practice efficiency and patient care:


 NEW: Enhancing patient experience in the waiting room

Tablets enhance patient experience in the waiting room, influencing their perceived wait times and increasing their wait time enjoyment.


Published: March 2018

Enhancing comprehensive mental health assessments

Tablets enhance the patient experience and enable more accurate mental health assessments, facilitating more honest responses from patients and management by primary care providers.

Published: February 2018










Increasing the ease of administering mental health assessments

Several primary care clinics in Waterloo Wellington adopted tablets to facilitate mental health assessments. This resulted in improved standardized assessment processes, and an increase in assessments over time, while facilitating evidence use at point of care.

Published: January 2018