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PrescribeIT® is a national EMR-integrated electronic prescribing service that integrates seamlessly into existing workflows and enables prescribers to create and send prescriptions electronically to a patient’s pharmacy of choice.






Why use PrescribeIT®? 



  • Less risk of losing prescriptions
  • More time to spend on clinical issues
  • Improved medication adherence




  • Reduce administrative work with electronic prescription renewal requests
  • Enhance communication with pharmacy via secure messaging
  • Receive dispense and cancel notifications directly in your EMR to enable better follow-up with patients


  • Improve communication with prescribers
  • More time for patient consultations due to more efficient dispensing
  • Seamlessly integrated with existing pharmacy management systems



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Infoway recently reached agreements with Loblaw Companies Limited (Loblaw) and Rexall Pharmacy Group Limited (Rexall) to advance ePrescribing in Canada. Loblaw will work toward connecting its Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaw retail pharmacies and QHR Technologies’ AccuroEMR® to PrescribeIT®, Infoway’s national e-prescribing service, while Rexall will offer PrescribeIT® in more than 250 of its pharmacies across Canada. Click here for more information.



The following video features the eHealth Centre of Excellence's Managing Director Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia, who uses PrescribeIT® in his own clinical practice:




See what other early adopters are saying:


Dr. Neil Naik headshot

A lot of times we would have fax failures…and this just added time to my workday and my workflow…So I needed a reliable solution that ensured that my prescription went through to the pharmacy. [...] This was a really easy workflow integration for me. The only difference here, though, is instead of hitting the fax button, I hit the e-sign and send [using a send button].





More Information: 


Canada Health Infoway is working with Health Canada, the provinces, territories, and industry stakeholders to create a multi-jurisdiction e-prescribing service known as PrescribeIT®. This service, which is available to all prescribers, pharmacists and Canadians, is being scaled for use across the country.


The eHealth Centre of Excellence has partnered with Canada Health Infoway to deploy PrescribeIT® across the Ontario Health West region, supporting primary care clinicians with sign-up and integration of the service into their practice.

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