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Electronic Referral (eReferral)


The System Coordinated Access (SCA) program is leading the development and implementation of a system-wide coordinated access approach, which has been:

  1. Improving access to services for the residents in the community

  2. Supporting organizations who are seeking to improve access to their services through standardization and coordination

  3. Leveraging technology to enhance the referral process

  4. Supporting the advancement of the Provincial eReferral Management strategy

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More about the development of an eReferral network:

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The SCA program has been supporting Think Research Consortium (TRC) – an Ontario-based consortium of Think ResearchCognisantMD, and the Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) – in the design and implementation of the Ocean eReferral Network, which coordinates access to health services and improve linkages and communications between patients, referrers, specialists and service providers.

The end-goal of the SCA program is to create a model that will bring new and pre-existing referral processes and systems into a connected environment, where information can flow and be distributed across the continuum of care.

The SCA program receives funding from the Ministry, and has been expanding our referral solutions to additional regions across Ontario. 

Visit the SCA Website 

to learn more about the eReferral platform that we are supporting.

For more information, please contact:

Tricia Wilkerson, Interim SCA Program Manager


     Thank you to our many partners, including:

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