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In the last few years, we’ve all become used to being able to access services quickly and easily online – with just the tap of a finger. Here at the eHealth Centre of Excellence, we are committed to providing digital choices for patients to access care – when and where they need it.


As you’ll see in the video on the left, the digital health tools supported by our team are making the healthcare system more accessible to patients/caregivers and much easier to navigate. Some of these tools are used by your doctor and clinicians in your circle of care to securely access important healthcare data in real-time so they can make informed decisions regarding your care quickly.




We also support tools that patients can use too!


Virtual Care We are currently helping family doctors get set up with virtual care – which enables you to use online platforms to interact with your doctor using video visits, audio calls and email. This is especially great if you live in a rural community, have limited access to transportation, have limited mobility, or can’t take time off work to visit your doctor in person.



Patient Forms Our research team has collected feedback from patients who have access to tablets in their doctor's office waiting rooms. Tablets or eForms can be used to fill out questionnaires, such as a mental health screening, with answers going directly into your electronic patient file (which your doctor can securely access using their electronic medical record on their computer). Many of the people who took our survey expressed that they felt more comfortable answering questions using the tablet. Says one patient: “I find it easier to organize my thoughts if I have time to write.”



eReferral icon We’re also supporting electronic referral (eReferral), which is not only reducing wait times but also giving you better access to your appointment information. You can opt to receive email notifications regarding the status of your referral, and once your appointment is accepted, you can receive an email with the appointment time, location, and any other relevant instructions (i.e., no eating two hours prior to appointment).



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There are several online resources from our community partners that you also might be interested in:


BounceBack logo BounceBack Ontario – a source of online videos that will teach you practical tips on managing mood, sleeping better, building confidence, increasing activity, problem solving, and healthy living. Additional telephone support is available tailored to your specific needs with a referral from your family doctor or nurse practitioner.


Woebot logo


Woebot – Woebot is an automated conversational agent (chatbot) who helps you monitor mood and learn about yourself. Drawing from a therapeutic framework known as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Woebot asks people how they’re feeling and what is going on in their lives in the format of brief daily conversations. Woebot also talks to you about mental health and wellness and sends you videos and other useful tools depending on your mood and needs at that moment.





The healthcare system is continually improving its digital supports for patients and family caregivers.


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