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Digital Health Supports for COVID-19

Our team at the eHealth Centre of Excellence is committed to supporting healthcare providers and organizations in their battle against COVID-19 through the provision of digital health tools. The following tools are available now and can be used to safely and effectively screen patients and facilitate monitoring and treatment of this disease. 

Please note that many of these tools have been developed by others and are provided “as is” – additionally, some of these tools may not be relevant to your area of the province.

Virtual visits

Virtual Visits

Virtual care platforms can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by keeping people home and out of waiting rooms, while also enabling providers to screen symptoms and offer medical advice with no risk of exposure. 

The Ministry has released billing codes for telephone calls and virtual visits.

The Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) offers “eVisit” – a Virtual Visit platform that is currently available to be used across the province. Direct-to-Patient Video Visits are also available through OTNinvite.

OTN eVisit Supports:

OTN logo

VirtualCare (developed in partnership with Think Research) is another technology available to registered users that allows clinicians to connect with patients via video, phone and secure messaging.

Think Research logo

If you have questions or require further support with setting up Virtual Visits and you are located in the Ontario Health West Region (formerly ESCLHIN, SWLHIN, WWLHIN, and HNHBLHIN), please contact

For information on using other platforms to conduct a virtual visit, such as Skype and FaceTime, please reference the OntarioMD website link posted below.

EMR support

EMR Screening Tools

COVID-19 screening tools for TELUS PS Suite, OSCAR, and QHR Accuro EMRs enable efficient documentation of potential symptoms, with results indicating recommended precautions and next steps. 

Screening tool for TELUS PS Suite:


Screening tool for TELUS PS Suite,

with toolbar:


(Developed in collaboration with City of Lakes FHT)

COVID-19 Toolbar

Screening tool for OSCAR: 


Form has been published to

Accuro’s database:

search for "Coronavirus COVID-19

Screening Mar182020"

We are happy to provide additional support with the installation and integration of these screening measures into your clinical workflow. Please contact Stephanie Chin for further assistance.

* Detailed instructions on how to import and install custom forms for TELUS and for OSCAR

* Detailed instructions on how to import and export reminders for TELUS

* Detailed instructions on how to download a published form in Accuro

Additional Resources:


Tablets icon


We support the use of CognisantMD's Ocean Tablets, which can assist your clinic in early screening of patients as they arrive to your office. Recently, CognisantMD has added a COVID-19 screening tool to the Ocean eForm library and is updating this form on a regular basis as the recommended guidelines change.

As a current tablet user, you can screen patients for COVID-19 in the following ways:

  • On a kiosk (if applicable) during the check-in process
  • On hand-held tablets as patients’ check-in with reception or complete other forms

Depending upon the answers provided by the patient during completion of the screener, they can be prompted to take further action if necessary (i.e., put on a mask and see the receptionist). COVID-19 screening answers will be automatically imported and documented in your EMR. Please see screenshots below for some examples.

Patient's view in tablet:

Patient's view of tablet

Provider's view in patient chart:

Provider's view in EMR

Ocean has created some additional forms for COVID-19, including an email screener, triaging form, referral form, self-symptom checker, and a virtual care consent form. Please visit their website to view all of these items: OCEAN COVID-19 SCREENING TOOLS 

We would be happy to support your clinic in setting up this tool to better screen your patient population as they arrive for their appointments. For support, please reach out to Melissa Lambing.

   Furthermore, here are some steps you can take to protect your staff and patients, and ensure your devices stay clean and sanitized:

  1. Post signage or ask patients to use hand sanitizer before using the tablet/kiosk
  2. Use alcohol-based disinfecting wipes to wipe down screen/cases and kiosk stands between each use



ePrescribing enables primary care providers to send electronic prescriptions directly from their EMRs to the pharmacy of their patient’s choice. This means that patients don’t need to collect a paper prescription from their doctor’s office, and don’t need to bring it in to the pharmacy. If the pharmacy has a delivery service, the patient never needs to leave the house.  

The eHealth Centre of Excellence has partnered with Canada Health Infoway to deploy PrescribeIT® across the Waterloo Wellington region, supporting primary care providers with sign-up and integration of the service into their practice.

Contact to get started. 


A COVID-19 section has been added to the homepage of the Waterloo Wellington Healthline website and includes a self-symptom checker for patients and information about where they can find more resources. This page will be continually updated as dedicated COVID-19 assessment centres start to open across the region. 

Other online resources & tools:

  • Additional COVID-19 supports have been compiled here by primary care providers and will be continually updated

  • The eConsult Centre of Excellence has created a COVID-19 BASE™ managed eConsult specialty group: this group enables physicians and nurse practitioners to ask clinical questions to infectious disease specialist electronically and receive a response within days

We will continue to update this page as more resources are made available.

If you have questions about any of the digital health tools mentioned here, please know that we are here to support you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out at any time to