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Digital health tools and services supported by the eHealth Centre of Excellence


The eHealth Centre of Excellence is your one-stop resource for the digital health tools listed below.


We work with healthcare providers across the continuum of care to improve the use of information technologies in the delivery of healthcare. Drawing from our network of clinicians, change management specialists, technical and privacy experts, researchers, project management, and healthcare strategy and alignment experts, we offer support to healthcare professionals and organizations related to the deployment, adoption and appropriate use of digital health tools. 


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OHT Support - Click here to find out how eCE can support the OHT application process


How we support you

Consider each member of our highly qualified team of Change Management experts as your personal eHealth coach.


We will come to your clinic or organization and assess your workflow, so we can determine how best to make digital health tools enhance what you are already doing.

Change Management

Quality Improvement & Knowledge Translation



It's our goal to meet you where you are! 


Our Change Management team will often bring along case studies developed by our Quality Improvement and Knowledge Translation team, so you can see firsthand how other practices who have already implemented digital health tools have been seeing positive results.


Our Privacy team ensures that you and your organization are meeting the requirements you need to keep you and your patients protected.


For more on Change Mangagement, Quality Improvement and Knowledge Translation, and Privacy, please click on the icons above.