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Digital Health Supports for COVID-19 Therapeutics (i.e. Paxlovid)

We continue to support primary care with digital health resources for COVID-19. We are happy to share that we have some tools available for therapeutics; please click the buttons below for more information.



Paxlovid prescription forms

Paxlovid prescription form




Paxlovid Eligibility Search

Paxlovid eligibility EMR search*


These searches have been developed by our team and use EMR data to find patients who are eligible to be tested and assessed for COVID-19 antiviral treatments (i.e. Paxlovid).




Important notes:

  • If individuals identified by these searches don’t have a recent serum creatinine this may present an opportunity to order this for the highest-risk patients while they are well
  • The ultimate decision for treatment is to be determined by the clinician and patient; these searches only use the general eligibility criteria
  • Please note that due to variations in the use of the EMR data, searches may pull up patients that do not meet the criteria and clinical review is required

To simplify the process to search for specific patients that are eligible for Paxlovid, the eCE has created four different searches.

These searches are available for PS Suite, OSCAR and Accuro, with downloads available below (or for Accuro, the searches can be found in the Global Alerts list). Details about the criteria for each search are included below the downloads.



TELUS PS Suite (version 3.0):


  1. Download the package: Click here
  2. Unzip the .zip file to your Desktop
  3. Import the contents (.srx files) into PS Suite

OSCAR (version 3.0): 


  1. Download the package: Click here
  2. Import the full .zip into OSCAR

Accuro (version 3.0):


Names of the four searches (in the Global Alerts list):

  • Paxlovid Eligibility Search (Age + Doses) v3.0

  • Paxlovid Eligibility Search (Age + Doses + Chronic Conditions) v3.0

  • Paxlovid Eligibility Search (Age + Doses + Pregnancy) v3.0

  • Paxlovid Eligibility Search (Age + Immunodeficiency) v3.0

​Author: eHealth Centre of Excellence

Date: June 21, 2022


* If you would like to be notified if/when new versions of the searches are made available, please click here to submit your email addressIf you have feedback on these searches or require support, please reach out to [email protected].




Criteria in the four searches:


1. Paxlovid Eligibility Search (Age + Doses)


This version looks for patients based on age and number of vaccine doses:


  • Over 70 years old, regardless of vaccination status
  • Over 60 years old with fewer than three vaccine doses


2. Paxlovid Eligibility Search (Age + Doses + Chronic Conditions)


This search looks for patients who do not have three COVID-19 vaccinations and have a comorbidity.


  • Younger than 70 years old
  • AND over 18 years old and
  • AND has fewer than three vaccinations
  • AND at least one of the following risk conditions:
    • Obesity
    • Diabetes
    • Heart disease, hypertension, congestive heart failure
    • Chronic respiratory disease (including cystic fibrosis)
    • Cerebral palsy
    • Intellectual and developmental disabilities
    • Sickle cell disease
    • Moderate or severe kidney disease
    • Moderate or severe liver disease


 ​3. Paxlovid Eligibility Search (Age + Doses + Pregnancy) 


This search is for identifying pregnant patients who have not received any COVID-19 vaccinations yet.


  • Younger than 70 years old
  • AND over 18 years old
  • AND pregnant
  • AND unvaccinated (zero doses)


4. Paxlovid Eligibility Search (Age + Immunodeficiency)


This search is for identifying patients with immunodeficiency.


  • Younger than 70 years old
  • AND over 18 years old and
  • AND immunocompromised (have an immune system that is weakened by a health condition or medications)



Tips and considerations for using the searches:


  • A patient may show up in more than one search based on the criteria
  • The searches are meant to be used as a guideline and it is important to review each case individually
  • It is highly recommended to run the searches during off-hours and by a specific clinician to improve search speed




Paxlovid prescription form


The form was collaboratively designed and standardized with clinicians across Ontario Health West Region and is able to be used throughout the province as necessary to help with Paxlovid prescriptions and referrals. These resources are available for TELUS PS Suite, OSCAR, and Accuro EMRs.






  1. Download the package: Click here
  2. Unzip the .cfm file to your Desktop
  3. Import the .cfm file into PS Suite



  1. Download the package: Click here
  2. Import the full .zip package into Oscar



Found in the global forms list

Name: Paxlovid Prescription Form – 21-12-2022

Publisher: ehealthcoedev

Date: December 21, 2022


PDF version: Click here



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