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Digital Health Supports for COVID-19


Our team at the eHealth Centre of Excellence is committed to supporting healthcare providers, organizations, and Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) in their battle against COVID-19 through the provision of digital health tools. The following tools are available now and can be used to safely and effectively screen patients and facilitate monitoring and treatment of this disease, as well as support primary care providers with the vaccination roll-out


Please note that many of these tools have been developed by others and are provided “as is” – additionally, some of these tools may not be relevant to your area of the province.




EMR support

We are now offering Version 2.0 of our Vaccine Eligibility EMR Searches to assist primary care with the identification and prioritization of patients from their roster for the COVID-19 vaccination. The searches are aligned with the eligibility criteria outlined in Phase Two of the provincial vaccination roll-out plan and can be downloaded directly from our community portal


NEW: We are also deploying an EMR search created by Dr. Mario Elia that can identify patients in hot spot communities that are eligible for the vaccine by their post code.


NEW: Click here to visit our COVID-19 Vaccination Supports resource page


EMR search graphic indicating vulnerable populations identified




We also continue to offer COVID-19 Screening Tools for EMRs:


COVID-19 screening tools for TELUS PS Suite, OSCAR, and QHR Accuro EMRs enable efficient documentation of potential symptoms, with results indicating recommended precautions and next steps. You can download these tools directly below.


Screening tool for TELUS PS Suite: Download here

Screening tool for TELUS PS Suite (with toolbar): Download here


Developed in collaboration with 

City of Lakes FHT  *Updated September 2020

Screening tool for OSCAR: Download here




Form has been published to

Accuro’s database:

search for "Coronavirus COVID-19

Screening June112020"



We are happy to provide additional support with the installation and integration of these screening measures into your clinical workflow. Please contact our EMR team for further assistance.


* Detailed instructions on how to import and install custom forms for TELUS and for OSCAR

* Detailed instructions on how to import and export reminders for TELUS

* Detailed instructions on how to download a published form in Accuro




eReferral is available to support swift and seamless referrals to COVID-19 assessment and testing centres (local to Waterloo Wellington), as well as community supports that can help residents cope during these times of necessary physical distancing: friendly calling, Meals-on-Wheels, etc. Connect with our eServices team to get started!





Virtual care

Virtual care can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by keeping people home and out of waiting rooms, while also enabling providers to screen symptoms remotely and offer medical advice with no risk of exposure. When patients don’t need to be seen for an in-person appointment, virtual care supports convenient, quick, accessible, and equitable care.


Our team can assist you with the adoption of virtual care into your workflow, so that you are using virtual care platforms optimally. If you require support and you are located in the Ontario Health West Region, please contact our virtual care team.






The eConsult Centre of Excellence has created a COVID-19 BASE™ managed eConsult specialty group: this group enables physicians and nurse practitioners to ask clinical questions to infectious disease specialist electronically and receive a response within days


NEW: In response to the COVID-19 vaccination roll out, the Ontario eConsult Centre or Excellence in partnership with Public Health, OMA, OntarioMD, Ontario Health and the MOH have created a COVID-19 Allergy/Immunology BASE™ Managed Specialty Group. More information is available on our COVID vaccinations resource page.


Connect with our eServices team if you require support!







Clinics are able to provide patients with much-needed assessments and forms through online patient messaging. eForms can also be used for COVID-19 screening and assessment. Over 10,000 COVID-19 related forms completed between March - December 2020.


Interested in tablets/eForms? Get started here!




Other online resources & tools:




  • OntarioMD has created a virtual care support web page with the assistance of the Ontario Medical Association to make it easier for clinicians to implement digital health tools



  • Canadian Mental Health and Addictions Waterloo Wellington (CMHA WW) is supporting two mental health initiatives related to COVID-19:
    • Here4Help is a new online repository of useful tools and techniques to manage the stresses of dealing with COVID-19
    • Here4HealthCare is a new program that supports the mental health of our front line health care workers in hospitals, primary care and Long-Term Care/retirement homes and first responders  


Additional EMR resources:




We will continue to update this page as more resources are made available.



If you have questions about any of the digital health tools mentioned here, please know that we are here to support you.


Don’t hesitate to reach out at any time to