eHealth Centre of Excellence






We are passionate about improving the quality of patient care through the effective and innovative use of enabling technologies.





Our mission is to be the leading, trusted, digital health partner for primary care and integrated patient care.






We possess a deep respect for individuals, an unwavering commitment to the communities in which we operate, and a belief in patient-centred quality care.




Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Here at the eHealth Centre of Excellence, we believe in a healthcare system that is completely and wholly equitable, that serves all equally regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation or any other identificatory category. We are committed to acknowledging, understanding, and confronting systemic oppression in all its various and insidious forms.


As a digital health organization, it is our mission to support and cultivate a more connected and accessible healthcare experience. We pledge to use our collective knowledge and digital health expertise to dismantle any barriers patients may face when attempting to access healthcare.


We will accomplish this by creating an inclusive workplace environment that embraces diversity, with non-biased recruitment and accessibility policies as well as a zero-tolerance response to discriminatory behaviours. We will also seek out learning opportunities for our team, so we can all continue to grow our understanding of the impacts of systemic racism.


These actions will enable the eHealth Centre of Excellence to see our work through the lens of anti-oppression, which will ensure that our digital health initiatives and products are developed with diversity, equity and inclusion at top of mind. 



Please direct any questions or feedback to [email protected].