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eCE Automates is a division of the eHealth Centre of Excellence that is focused on the creation of a suite of automated solutions, designed to improve data quality to both enhance practice efficiencies and improve patient outcomes. 


Our automated solutions or "bots" are like virtual assistants that can help healthcare professionals use, maintain and securely circulate the data within different health information systems (such as primary care EMRs) across various Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). 



Up to 4 times faster than manual labour Improves data quality, enabling proactive care for targeted populations (seniors, patients with multiple conditions, and palliative) Eliminates duplication of data  entry


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SUPPORTING EMR DOCUMENTATION OF COVID-19 VACCINATIONS: The eCE Automates team at the eHealth Centre of Excellence has launched a new process for our Bernie bot (see this one-pager for more information) that will help primary care clinicians to seamlessly and efficiently document their patients’ COVID-19 vaccinations within their electronic medical records (EMRs). We’re here to support you during this challenging time and are offering this virtual assistant at no cost to you or your clinic. 


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Bernie bot
Bernie searches through your data to improve patient outcomes and identify missed billing opportunities (starting with diabetes codes, with capacity to expand to other conditions).
Cody bot
Cody cleans up and standardizes patient data – enabling you to use this data to provide more proactive care and to more easily manage patients in your population with one or more conditions.
Sharon bot
Sharon enables more seamless sharing of care plans between EMRs and the provincial repository of care plans, ensuring that everyone in the patient’s OHT has access to the same information in real-time.




Make our automated solutions a part of your OHT's digital plans to support integrated care.


 Please note that our bots can be offered individually or as a bundled package.

For optimal use, pair with EMR decision support tools offered by the eHealth Centre of Excellence.







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Our Automation bots will help you: 


  • Eliminate tedious administrative work, thereby reducing the risk of clinician burnout
  • Improve data quality to better support preventative care for your patients
  • Securely share standardized patient data with others in the patient's circle of care who may be using different information systems






eCE Automates is a division of the eHealth Centre of Excellence. Should you have questions, please contact: