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In partnership with the Centre for Effective Practice and North York General Hospital, the eHealth Centre of Excellence is proud to be co-leading Evidence2Practice Ontario.



What is Evidence2Practice Ontario?

Evidence2Practice is working with clinicians, topic experts, and other system partners to develop a suite of free evidence-based tools that integrate seamlessly into frontline systems, enabling acute and primary care clinicians to access the information they need easily and quickly at the point of care. The tools also streamline patient journeys by including connections to community resources and patient self-management resources.

 Visit the Evidence2Practice Ontario website to learn more!


Looking for our other EMR tools?


While we are no longer actively updating tools previously created by the eHealth Centre of Excellence, they are still available for download on our community portal. For more information on these tools, click here.




The following E2P tools are currently available in TELUS PS Suite, OSCAR Pro, and Accuro QHR EMRs:

Heart Failure tool icon

 Learn more about the E2P heart failure tool here.

Anxiety and Depression icon

 Learn more about E2P tool for anxiety disorders and major depression here.
Diabetes icon  Learn more about the E2P tool for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes here.


The following E2P tool is currently available in TELUS PS Suite, with versions coming soon for OSCAR Pro and Accuro QHR EMR:

COPD tool icon

 Learn more about the E2P COPD tool here.



If you have already have a community portal account with us, you can download the tools directly from there. If not, please visit the E2P website to get started.


Complimentary change management support from the eHealth Centre of Excellence and academic detailing sessions from our partners at the Centre for Effective Practice are available and encouraged. We're here to support you!






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