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Knowledge Translation and Evaluation



What is Knowledge Translation and Evaluation?



Knowledge Translation and Evaluation is a key component of all programs led by the eHealth Centre of Excellence, ensuring that digital health technologies enable best practices and ultimately improve the quality of patient care. This work is closely linked to change management and adoption processes, with activities supporting:


  1.   Identification of processes that produce organizational and clinical value  in healthcare workflows
  2.   Integration of metrics within digital health solutions to enable monitoring and evaluation
  3.   Assessment of the impact of digital health tools on practice efficiencies and quality of care
  4.   Translation of knowledge acquired through a variety of sources to ensure that digital health solutions continue to enable enhanced quality of care


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Knowledge Translation and Evaluation was formally known as "Benefits Realization" and is supported by a model published in Building Capacity for Health Informatics in the Future, a peer-reviewed ebook (ITCH 2017).


Research Areas of Interest:


  • Impact and satisfaction with eReferral
  • Impact of electronic medical record decision support tools on patient management and outcomes
  • Impact and satisfaction with virtual care
    • and more!



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