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COVID-19 Vaccination Supports for Primary Care



Vaccine documentation bot

The eCE Automates team at the eHealth Centre of Excellence has launched a new bot process that will help primary care clinicians to seamlessly and efficiently document their patients’ COVID-19 vaccinations within their electronic medical records (EMRs).


We’re here to support you during this challenging time and are offering this virtual assistant at no cost to you or your clinic.


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  • Ensures your patients’ immunization records are up-to-date
  • Replaces a tedious and time-consuming manual process
  • Enables you to place your focus where it needs to be – on delivering high quality patient care



OntarioMD's Health Report Manager (HRM) is now delivering COVID-19 vaccination reports to primary care providers using certified EMRs. For more on HRM, please visit the OntarioMD website.


The bot runs a list of searches/algorithms to produce a list of patients, and then opens the record for each patient on the list. The bot then locates the patient’s HRM COVaxON vaccination report in the patient's chart, confirms COVID-19 vaccine details and automatically updates the CCP immunization section of the patient’s chart.


For a more detailed description of how this works, please refer to our FAQ

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The eHealth Centre of Excellence can also provide EMR Searches for TELUS PSS, OSCAR and QHR Accuro EMRs that will support primary care providers to quickly and efficiently identify patients from their ambulatory roster who are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. This tool can be downloaded directly from our community portal at no cost.


In alignment with the criteria set out in the province's Phase Two vaccination roll-out plan, these queries will assist primary care providers to pull lists of patients with certain health conditions that fall under the Highest Risk, High Risk, and At Risk categories listed below.



   Highest Risk


  • Organ transplant recipients

  • Hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients

  • People with neurological diseases in which respiratory function may be compromised (for example, motor neuron disease, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis)

  • Haematological malignancy diagnosed within the last year

  • Kidney disease with estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) under 30


  • Not captured by the EMR search: One essential caregiver for above individuals

    High Risk


  • Obesity (BMI over 40)

  • Other treatments causing immunosuppression (for example, chemotherapy, immunity-weakening medications)

  • Intellectual or developmental disabilities (for example, Down Syndrome)

  • Not captured by the EMR search: One essential caregiver for those individuals who require regular and sustained assistance with personal care and/or activities of daily living

   At Risk


  • Immune deficiencies and autoimmune disorders
  • Stroke and cerebrovascular disease

  • Dementia

  • Diabetes

  • Liver disease

  • All other cancers

  • Respiratory diseases, such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy

  • Spleen problems, such as asplenia

  • Heart disease

  • Hypertension with end organ damage

  • Diagnosed mental disorder

  • Substance use disorders

  • Sickle cell disease

  • Thalassemia

  • Pregnancy

  • Immunocompromising health conditions

  • Other disabilities requiring direct support care in the community




NEW as of April 27: We're deploying a new EMR search developed by Dr. Mario Elia that will help primary care providers to quickly identify patients in hot spot communities who are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by post code.


This search can also be found on our community portal (click the button below).

Ontario EMR post code search

Click here to download from our community portal



Support guides for TELUS PSS, OSCAR and QHR Accuro EMRs are available below:


TELUS PSS support guide OSCAR support guide QHR Accuro support guide



Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or require support to:




COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Workflow Tips & Tricks

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Workflow: Tips & Tricks From AFHTO


As teams move from pilot COVID-19 vaccination clinics to mass vaccination clinics, drive-thru vaccination clinics and in-clinic vaccinations, AFHTO (Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario) has put together a valuable workflow resource geared towards the Super User, with some tips and tricks. This document summarizes key learnings from the experience of Windsor FHT, Hamilton FHT, Upper Grand FHT, London FHT and many more.


Find out how to:

  • Run EMR queries to create a list of at-risk patients 
  • Run a COVaxON report to identify patients that already been vaccinated
  • Cross-reference both reports to create an accurate list of patients that should be contacted 
  • Contact patients 
  • Upload patient data into COVaxON
    • And more!

More COVID-19 vaccination resources from AFHTO – including Mass Upload Tips & Tricks – can be found on the AFHTO website.








OntarioMD COVaxON training sessions:


OntarioMD is offering COVaxON training for primary care practices that have been identified by their local public health unit to administer COVID19 vaccinations, with these sessions demonstrating how to access and use the COVaxON Vaccination Management System. The COVaxON system enables the Ministry of Health, Vaccination Locations, and staff to collect the necessary data related to COVID-19 immunization administration.


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COVID-19 Allergy/Immunology eConsult BASE™ Managed Specialty Group:


In response to the COVID-19 vaccination roll out, the Ontario eConsult Centre or Excellence in partnership with Public Health, OMA, OntarioMD, Ontario Health and the MOH have created a COVID-19 Allergy/Immunology BASE™ Managed Specialty Group


This group enables physicians and nurse practitioners to ask COVID-19 vaccine allergy related clinical questions to Allergy and Clinical Immunology specialists electronically and receive a response within days. The general COVID-19 infectious disease group continues to be available.


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