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eCE Shield: Cybersecurity and Privacy Self-Learning Program



The eHealth Centre of Excellence (eCE) is proud to be providing eCE Shield, a cybersecurity and privacy self-learning program (a similar program was formerly offered by Saegis) that specifically addresses the unique needs of Canadian healthcare professionals.


Available in both English and French, eCE Shield has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for 7.5 Mainpro+® credits.

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What Can eCE Shield Offer You?



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Engaging and Interactive Platform

The program offers tailor-made self-learning modules with quizzes that test the learner’s knowledge about cybersecurity risks and how to mitigate them, as well as links to relevant articles with real-life examples about how cyberattacks and privacy breaches can impact healthcare organizations, their teams, and patients.



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Comprehensive and Ongoing Training

The program offers continuous education through monthly phishing challenges, ensuring that healthcare professionals are consistently honing their skills in the application of cybersecurity best practices.



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Proactive Cybersecurity Approach

By investing in eCE Shield, healthcare organizations can enhance their cybersecurity readiness, protecting valuable patient information and other sensitive data. The program arms organizations with the expertise to prevent and respond to potential incidents, ultimately fostering a safer and more secure healthcare environment.



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Expertise Backed by Experience

Powered by the eHealth Centre of Excellence, a not-for-profit organization with over a decade of experience in supporting clinicians with digital health solutions, the eCE Shield team understands the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations and has designed the platform to accommodate busy schedules.



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Flexible and Tailored Support

eCE Shield’s flexible structure allows organizations to provide additional tailored services leveraging the eHealth Centre of Excellence’s award-winning, clinician-led change management framework; our evaluation of a previous cybersecurity initiative that we supported showed that our hands-on approach led to higher registration and completion rates.




Costing operates on a sliding scale depending on the size of your organization and level of support required. Our flexible pricing model includes three tiers for you to choose from – please fill out the form below or click here and someone from our team will reach out with more details!


If you have questions, please email [email protected]