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Digital Health Adoption: Get Started Today!

Digital health is making our healthcare system quicker, more secure and more accessible! As our Quality Improvement and Knowledge Translation case studies have shown, digital health tools are proven to: 

1) Improve health outcomes

2) Improve patient experience

3) Reduce costs

4) Increase provider satisfaction 

Are you a healthcare provider interested in adopting digital health into your practice? The Change Management and Adoption team here at the eHealth Centre of Excellence works one-on-one with you and your team to help you use digital health tools in ways that enhance the quality of care that you are already providing to your patients. We'll make sure the tools not only fit into your clinical workflows, but also make processes more efficient with less administrative burden.

We support the "people" side of change, and we will help you realize the value technology can bring to your clinical processes and practices

To get started, please contact the person associated with each of the digital health tools that interest you by clicking on the icons below.

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For general questions, please contact:

Charlotte Nethercott, Change Management & Adoption Practice Lead