eHealth Centre of Excellence

About the eHealth Centre of Excellence

The eHealth Centre of Excellence was established on April 2nd, 2014 and was the formalization of several years of digital health projects at the Centre for Family Medicine Family Health Team (CFFM FHT). Our organization was founded on a vision of creating a collaborative space to share knowledge and develop best practices and to enable technology to support improved clinical care.

Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia

Under the leadership of our Managing Director, Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia (pictured left), the eHealth Centre of Excellence works at both at the system and local level to move ehealth initiatives forward. 

Our current suite of digital health tools include, but are not limited to: eConsultvirtual visitstabletstools and coaching for electronic medical records (EMRs)eReferral, and tools for intelligent automation.

Past initiatives have included the HEALTHeCONNECTIONS project, Project CARE (Cultivating Adoption of Regional eHealth), and Project ALIVE (Advancing and Leveraging the Investment Value in EMRs).  We also served as a Delivery Partner for the connecting South West Ontario (cSWO) Program.

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