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What is a coaching session?

The main objective of a coaching session is to help clinicians increase their digital health technology knowledge and ability to use these technologies in clinic, particularly when it comes to using their electronic medical record (EMR) and specifically, enabling clinicians to work more efficiently – and potentially, more effectively – through the use of Chronic Disease Prevention and Management (CDPM) EMR templates and other EMR tools that provide clinical decision support and improve data quality to help manage patient populations in a practice.

What does a coaching session look like?

A Change Management Specialist from the eHealth Centre of Excellence will meet with the clinician face to face or remotely to gain an understanding of the clinician and organizational workflow and needs. On-site coaching sessions are provided for general EMR support (basic or advanced), tool installation and customization, and training. Coaching sessions are custom tailored to the clinician and organizational needs; group or individual sessions are provided based on clinic preference.

What are EMR tools?

EMR tools provide enhanced functionality to an EMR in a variety of ways through improving data standardization, documentation and offering clinical decision support.

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EMR tools can include:

  • Custom forms
  • Encounter assistants
  • Searches
  • Reminders
  • Toolbars and toolkits*

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The eHealth Centre of Excellence offers a selection of EMR tools for multiple CDPM conditions, preventative care, lifestyle management and data clean up. While developing these EMR tools, we work with regional and provincial organizations, to incorporate current best practice guidelines that clinicians can use at point of care.

Toolkits will be comprised of multiple tool components (i.e., searches to gain a better understanding of your population, billing reminders, forms to visit documentation and shortcuts to handouts and calculator tools).

View available tools and a description of each can be found within our QBIC Service Catalogue

You can download the EMR tools through our Community Portal

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What are the benefits?

EMR tools and one-on-one coaching enable the clinician to provide better care to their patients, through improved data quality, patient population management, EMR efficiency and much more. Our services are provided FREE of charge.

Here's what clinicians are saying about our EMR support:

The main issue with the EMR is that as physicians we often don’t know what we don’t know regarding the EMR system. The initial assessment by your personnel guided us to know what tools were available to aid in our everyday interaction with patients. Simple instructions that have cut our technical time down has left more time for patient interaction." 


                                                                                                                                  - Family Physician at Grand River FHO