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Electronic Referral (eReferral)



What is an eReferral?


Electronic Referral (eReferral) simplifies the referral process by enhancing communication between primary care clinicians and specialists/organizations and enabling quick and secure referrals to be sent and received through an electronic platform. 



As part of the Ontario eServices Program – led in partnership with the eConsult Centre of Excellence, the eHealth Centre of Excellence is supporting the development and adoption of coordinated access and eReferral in Ontario, 


Working closely with system and community partners, our team is developing an integrated end-to-end eReferral strategy focused on connecting primary care clinicians to available specialists and programs while improving communication between clinicians and patients. 


One of our goals is to leverage innovative technologies to create referral solutions across the province.


Are you accepting eReferrals? Let other clinicians know you're using eReferral by sharing this downloadable one pager with them and encourage them to make the shift!


Get Started with eReferral


Benefits of using eReferral:


For primary care clinicians


Integration with most electronic medical record (EMRs), so you can send referrals quickly and directly


Standardized referral forms are updated automatically with pre-populated information from your EMR


Referral status updates within your EMR


A map-based directory of available services and programs, complete with wait times where available



For referral recipients


Customized eReferral forms ensure that you receive complete referrals, eliminating the need to request additional information from the referrer


eReferral forms include integrated clinical guidelines to support best practices, e.g. when it’s clinically appropriate to request an X-ray versus MRI


Administrative tasks are lessened, such as the need to make follow-up phone calls


For patients


Patients can choose to receive email notifications with referral status so they can track their referral from start to completion


They can receive appointment instructions via email (i.e., do not eat two hours prior to appointment)


Patients can confirm appointments directly from the email notifications






If you are interested in using eReferral, please fill out this quick form to get started!



For program inquiries, please email us at:

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About the Ontario eServices Program:


Ontario eServices Program

The Ontario eServices Program delivers digital services (eConsult and eReferral are the first initiatives in the scope of the program) that support clinical workflows and facilitate smoother transitions in care and an improved patient experience. The Ontario eServices Program is co-led by the Ontario eConsult Centre of Excellence and the eHealth Centre of Excellence and is funded by the Ontario Health.