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HEAL is our Healthcare Experience and Advancement Lab, enabling our team to co-design with clinicians to create digital health solutions that address their specific workflow needs.




What are we working on now and what’s coming up next?


Our teams are currently prototyping the latest idea from a Think Tank session previously held. Once the prototype is ready, we will bring it back to HEAL participants for testing.



Stay tuned for more updates in 2024


While we continue defining our next steps, we want to hear from you. Do you have an idea, problem statement, pain point, or want to have your opinion heard on a particular topic? By signing up, you will receive an email survey that provides you with the opportunity to share your thoughts (you can also use the idea drop below!). If you sign up, will also send you up-to-date information about our upcoming HEAL activities and ways to get involved (please note that participation is always optional).


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