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eReferral – Supporting the Electronic Reporting of COVID-19 AEFIs


What is a COVID-19 AEFI?


A COVID-19 AEFI is an Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) report specifically related to one of the COVID-19 vaccinations.



How it works


Clinicians can now report any COVID-19 AEFIs electronically, through the eReferral platform, similar to existing eReferrals. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Search for the Public Health Ontario listing entitled “Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI) Reporting Form - COVID-19” in the Ocean Healthmap
  2. Complete the eReferral form
    (Note: If you submit an electronic form, you do not need to send a fax)
  3. Submit the COVID-19 AEFI report electronically
  4. Your local Public Health Unit will contact you directly (by phone or fax), if required


Benefits of electronically reporting COVID-19 AEFIs

  • Simplified process - Submitted directly from your integrated EMR
  • Increased Efficiency - Elimination of transcription by Public Health
  • Less administrative work – No need to fax the COVID-19 AEFI form


For more information on reporting a COVID-19 AEFI or about eReferral, email us at [email protected]






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