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The eHealth Centre of Excellence can offer support to  primary care clincians who are using patient forms for efficient screening, assessment and information management of their patient population. 


Patient forms can integrate with the clinician’s electronic medical record (EMR), allowing them to capture clinical notes pertaining to the patient’s visit and review them prior to seeing the patient in the examination room.



Why use patient forms in your practice?


  • Clinicians can provide forms and questionnaires to patients while in the waiting room via a tablet, or remotely through patient messaging
  • The information is securely updated in the EMR in real-time
  • The clinician can review the patient responses prior to entering the exam room
  • Improved clinician and patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced efficiencies within your practice
  • Decreased costs associated with office supplies and administrative time spent scanning forms

For more benefits, take a look at our case studies on tablets!




What can you do with Patient Forms?  


  • Complete health assessments and questionnaires
  • Mental health (e.g. GAD-7) and developmental (e.g. Nippissing) screening
  • Post-concussion symptom evaluation
  • Collect patient information
  • Review and update demographic information
  • Email and other patient consent  
  • Link forms with existing EMR templates (i.e., custom forms)
  • Share clinic news and announcements (via tablets)
  • Display educational materials and videos (via tablets)


Patient Experience Survey


In addition to being able to assess patients with tablets, they provide a great way to engage many patients and gain meaningful feedback to evaluate the impact of certain programs and initiatives. At the eHealth Centre of Excellence, we have leveraged tablets to conduct needs assessments and learn how patients would prioritize digital health tools available to them.




How can our team support you? 


If your clinic is using patient forms, our team can support you with configuration and training. If you are interested in using Patient Forms in the future, we'd be happy to share our experience with you.


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