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Privacy Resources for Patients


Please note that the eHealth Centre of Excellence does not collected Personal Health Information from patients unless, in the course of executing our role as agent, we are required and authorized to do so (i.e., end user stories, breach or incident investigation). Any collection of Patient Health Information will be with applicable consent from the patient and/or solely for the purpose of providing the service.


Please see below for more information from the Ontario eServices Program and eCE Automates, for which the eHealth Centre of Excellence plays a role as agent.




What is an eReferral?


An eReferral occurs when a healthcare provider sends a referral electronically to another healthcare provider (typically a specialist) or organization, instead of using paper-based processes. The image below demonstrates the process:


eReferral workflow




What is an automated solution or "bot"?


A bot is technology software programed to interact with digital systems, and can be used to execute a repetitive task that a human would otherwise have to do. Bots can do this kind of work with high speed and great accuracy.


Our team has introduced cloud-based bots to support enhanced communication between care providers and care pathways across the healthcare spectrum.


Learn more about our "Sharon" bot by clicking on the image below!

Sharon bot




If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! You can contact us at [email protected].