eHealth Centre of Excellence

Plain Language Description: Central Waitlist Management eReferral Repository


The eHealth Centre of Excellence and Ontario Health (OH) have partnered to facilitate OH, acting as a Prescribed Entity (PE) under PHIPA to collect eReferral data from participants using the Ocean eReferral Network. This information will flow to and be retained in Ontario Health’s Central Waitlist Management (CWM) eReferral Repository.   


The eReferral data collected by OH will support planning, management, evaluation and monitoring of the health system. These activities are consistent with the purposes for which a health information custodian (HIC) may disclose PHI to OH as a PE under s. 45(1) of the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), and for which OH as PE may collect and use PHI under s. 45(5) and s. 45(6) of the Act.  


The Central Waitlist Management (CWM) eReferral Repository is owned and operated by Ontario Health.  


The eServices eReferral Program is managed by the eHealth Centre of Excellence and funded by the Ontario Health. The Ocean eReferral Network is owned and operated by OceanMD.  


Last revised: March 06, 2023