eHealth Centre of Excellence

Plain Language Description: Ocean to Caredove integration


The eHealth Centre of Excellence and Caredove Inc. have partnered to allow health care practitioners to send patient referrals electronically (eReferrals) to Community Support Services agencies. Community Support Services agencies provide programs to support continued independent living at home such as: day programs, transportation services, falls prevention and exercise, meals on wheels and group dining, and services for specific conditions such as dementia, arthritis, hearing loss etc. Some of these services may require a client co-payment.


The referral sender initiates the eReferral from the Ocean eReferral Network, typically using an integrated electronic medical record. The sender can book an appointment at a community agency for the patient when they make the referral, or they can request that the referral recipient contact the patient to set-up the appointment. The referral information is received and reviewed by the Community Support Services agency in the Caredove platform.  The Community Support Services agency will assess the referral and will contact the patient to book an appointment if necessary.


The eServices eReferral Program is managed by the eHealth Centre of Excellence and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health. The Ocean eReferral Network is owned and operated by CognisantMD.

Caredove is owned and operated by Caredove Inc.