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Plain Language Description: Ocean to CaseWORKS integration


The eHealth Centre of Excellence (eCE) and Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington (CMHA WW) have integrated eServices eReferral (leveraging the Ocean platform) and the CaseWORKS case management system to improve communication and create a more seamless referral experience between community providers and a variety of mental health services. The integration allows eServices Network participants to easily send and manage referrals to CMHA WW for the Here24/7 and Specialized Geriatric Services (SGS) central intake programs, while simplifying the central intake workflow.


Through this integration, the eServices Network participants are able to send referrals for mental health services to CMHA WW. Data from the Ocean referral will be automatically populated into the CaseWORKS which allows CMHA WW to collect the referrals. CMHA WW will triage the referral in CaseWORKS, identify the appropriate services and providers to provide the services, and either initiate service or refer the person to another mental health provider using the CaseWORKS Partner Portal.


The integration also allows CMHA WW to send real-time status updates to the referring clinician and, when an email address is provided, to the patient as well. Email notifications are prompted in a number of scenarios including when the appointment is booked or the referral is forwarded. The integration also improves the messaging capability between the referring clinician and CMHA WW. 


The eServices eReferral Program is managed by the eHealth Centre of Excellence and funded by Ontario Health. The Ocean eReferral Network is owned and operated by CognisantMD.


​CaseWORKS Integrated Caseload Management Software is owned and operated by Coyote Software Corporation.


For more information, email [email protected].  



Last Revised: June 2022