eHealth Centre of Excellence

Plain Language Description: Ocean to Novari eRequest Integration

The Ontario eServices Program and Novari Health have completed an integration to allow the flow of referrals from Ocean eReferral to Novari eRequest, allowing sites that have invested in the Novari Health platform to leverage electronic referral via the Ocean eReferral Network.

This integrated workflow allows the sending clinician (‘sender’) to initiate an eReferral from the Ocean eReferral Network, typically using an integrated electronic medical record. The referral information is received and reviewed by the site using Novari eRequest, typically a hospital. The Novari eRequest solution is used to route and manage incoming referrals for a variety of pathways, including Central Intakes. The site will complete the referral within Novari eRequest, and the information regarding the resulting referral is then returned to the primary care clinician within Ocean.

Third party privacy and security assessments were conducted for this integration, as requested by the eHealth Centre of Excellence.

The eReferral component of the Ontario eServices Program is managed by the eHealth Centre of Excellence and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

The Ocean eReferral Network technology and licensing are made available as part of the Think Research Consortium.

Novari eRequest is owned and operated by Novari Health.