eHealth Centre of Excellence

Plain Language Description: eReferral via eFax (Initial Phase)


The eHealth Centre of Excellence has initiated a project, eReferral via eFax (Initial Phase), to allow healthcare practitioners to send patient referrals electronically (eReferrals) to Specialists who have not yet adopted Ocean eReferral. 


The referral sender initiates the eFax from the Ocean eReferral Network, typically using an integrated electronic medical record. The referral receiver (Specialist) will receive the eReferral by fax and send the referring clinician the response, as per their usual process (fax or phone). The referring clinician (sender) will receive the appointment back from the Specialist and enter the appointment details into Ocean. Patients will be notified of their appointment if they opted in to receiving notifications via email. 


The eServices eReferral Program is managed by the eHealth Centre of Excellence and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health. The Ocean eReferral Network is owned and operated by CognisantMD.