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 Digital health tools and services to support your practice

We work with healthcare providers across the continuum of care to improve the use of information technologies in the delivery of healthcare. Drawing from our network of clinicians, change management specialists, technical and privacy experts, researchers, project management, and healthcare strategy and alignment experts, we offer support to healthcare professionals and organizations related to the deployment, adoption and appropriate use of digital health tools. 

Our Digital Health Toolbox includes:

Virtual Care

EMR tools and coachingAutomated Solutions


eReferral and eConsult supported by the Ontario eServices program, in partnership with the Ontario eConsult Centre of Excellence

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How do our teams support you?

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Get started today! Our Change Management team will support you by assessing your workflow, so we can determine how best to make digital health tools enhance what you are already doing.

Access our Digital

Health Catalogue below:

eCE Digital Health Catalogue

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The Quality Improvement and Knowledge Translation team supports the deployment of digital health tools by providing evidence that show you the benefits of adoption.

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The Privacy team will support you by ensuring you and your organization are meeting the requirements you need to keep you and your patients protected.