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FAQs - eReferral via eFax (Initial Phase) 


Q. How do I know if the Specialist is on eReferral or eFax?

A. The button you click to launch the referral form indicates if it’s an eReferral or an eFax.

Example of eReferral button                                        Example of eFax button


Q. Who’s involved in this project?

A. Right now, the eReferral via eFax project is in its initial phase with limited participants in the Middlesex London OHT, Burlington, and the Humber Toronto region.


Q. Will this initial phase be expanded?

A. A decision has not yet been made about the expansion of this project. Once the initial phase is complete (within a few months) a decision will be made about the expansion.


Q. How much does it cost to use eFax?

A. There is no cost to users who are participating as part of the eReferral via eFax (Initial Phase).


Q. Will patients be receiving email notifications if an eFax is sent through Ocean?

A. Yes. Patients will receive notifications, as long as they consent to receiving email notifications about the referral.


Q. Who is responsible for entering the scheduling details (appointment date and time) for the referral?

A. In most cases, the sender will be responsible for going back into Ocean to add the appointment details to the referral. The scheduling pane is only visible to senders for this eReferral via eFax (Initial Phase).