eHealth Centre of Excellence

eReferral Community of Practice (CoP)



Industry leaders from across the country come together quarterly to participate in an eReferral Community of Practice (CoP). The primary goal is to share and build knowledge on change management, knowledge translation and evaluation, and other elements required to support the successful and sustainable implementation of eReferral across all provinces and territories Canada-wide. 


The eReferral CoP focuses on the following key areas:  


  • Best Practice Promotion: Share and promote best practices related to the implementation, utilization, and improvement of eReferral systems in healthcare across Canada.  
  • Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate the exchange of knowledge, resources, and experiences related to in eReferral systems among members, with an emphasis on lessons learned and success stories.  
  • Common Capability Development: Collaboratively work towards developing common capabilities, standards, and guidelines that support the interoperability and effectiveness of eReferral systems at the national level.  
  • Networking and Collaboration: Foster networking opportunities and collaboration among members, including healthcare organizations, vendors, policymakers, and healthcare professionals.



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