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Case Studies 




Evidence Briefs 



Impact of eReferral on Patient Efficiency and Appointment Attendance (Published: December 2023)

Impact of eReferral on Reducing the Burden of Treatment for Patients (Published: November 2023)

Wait Times to Access Routine MRI Scans
(Published: February 2021)

End User Satisfaction with eReferral
(Published: January 2021)

Diagnostic Imaging Decision Support Embedded
in Electronic Referral Forms

(Published: January 2021)

Reducing No-Show rates through the use of eReferral (Published: March 2020)

eReferral and Systems Integration in the
Champlain LHIN
(Published: March 2020)

Efficiency of eReferral Use in Northern Ontario
(Published: March 2020)

eReferral and Patient Communication in Care
 (Published: February 2020)

Benefits of eReferral and MSK Model of Care
(Published: January 2020)

eReferral and Aging Populations 
(Published: January 2020)





User Experience with eReferral (Published: March 2024)

Patient Experience Survey - West Region (Published: March 2024)

Patient Experience Survey - North Region (Published: March 2024)

Patient Experience Survey - Toronto (Published: March 2024)

Patient Experience Survey - East Region (Published: March 2024)

Patient Experience Survey- Central Region (Published: March 2024)

Patient experience with eReferral in Ontario (Published: February 2024)

Integration with Ocean eReferral enhances Cerebrum users’ workflow in Waterloo-Wellington (Updated: November 2023)

Fiscal Year 22/23 eReferral Highlights  (Published: August 2023)

eConsult and eReferral Supporting Mental Health & Addictions Care (Published: February 2023)

User Satisfaction with eReferral in the OH West Region (Published: February 2023)

eReferral Annual User Satisfaction Survey September 2022 – Increase in usage (Published: January 2023)

Integration with Ocean eReferral enhances Cerebrum users’ workflow in Waterloo-Wellington (Published: January 2023)

Ophthalmology Cataract Central Intake in Waterloo Wellington (Published: January 2023)

eFax through Ocean eReferral (Published: December 2022)

eConsult and eReferral Support the Chronic Pain Pathway (Published: November 2022)

Patient experience with eReferral Appointment Reminders (Published: October 2022)

Fiscal Year 21/22 eReferral Highlight (Published: October 2022)

eServices East Patient Experience Survey (Published: July 2022)

Triaging Referrals to eConsult (Published: June 2022)

eReferral Supporting Diagnostic Imaging Pathway (Published: March 2022)

eReferral Benefits in NE Ortho Pathway (Published: March 2022)

eReferral Supporting Mental Health (Published: March 2022)


Evidence Briefs (2021)


MRI Decision Support and eReferral (Published: December 2021)

eReferral and the Waterloo Wellington Cataract Central Intake (Published: November 2021)

eReferral Email Notifications Enhance the Patient Experience (Published: November 2021)

eReferral Reduces Processing Time From Clinician to Central Intake  (Published: October 2021)

eReferral User Satisfaction with the Ocean Portal  (Published: October 2021)

eReferral to eConsult Initiative  (Published: September 2021)

eReferral and eConsult during COVID-19  (Published: August 2021) 

Development and Validation Process - eReferral Form (Published: June 2021)

Fiscal Year 20/21 eReferral Highlights  (Published: April 2021)

eReferral for Orthopedic Central Intake in Champlain  (Published: April 2021)

eReferral and Ophthalmology Cataract  Central Intake in Waterloo Wellington  (Published: April 2021)

Wait Times to Access DI Services  (Published: March 2021)

Increase in the Use of eReferral  (Published: March 2021)

Administrative Staff Confirm eReferral Benefits (Published: March 2021)

Backlogged DI Referrals in Waterloo Wellington (Published: January 2021)


Evidence Briefs (2020)


Experience with eReferral email notifications in the South West   (Published: December 2020)

Specialists' Satisfaction with eReferral in OH-West (Published: December 2020)

eReferral Adoption Strategies throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic (Published: December 2020)

Satisfaction with eReferral in Primary Care (Published: November 2020)

Patient Experience with eReferral (Published: October 2020)

Enhancements Made to Patient Email Notifications (Published: October 2020)

Patients are Highly Satisfied with eReferral for Diagnostic Imaging (Published: October 2020)

Using eReferral to Refer Patients to COVID-19 Assessment and Testing Centres (Published: October 2020) 

Virtual Change Management Support (Published: October 2020)

Reducing No-Show Rates through the  use of eReferral (Published: March 2020)

Efficiency of eReferral Use in Northern Ontario (Published: March 2020)

eReferral and Systems Integration in the Champlain LHIN   (Published: March 2020)

eReferral and Patient Communications in Care Transitions   (Published: February 2020)

eReferral and MSK Process (Published: January 2020)



Case Studies (2019)


eReferral and Time to Book an Appointment for a Diagnostic Imaging Referral in WWLHIN
(Published: September 2019)

Supporting Clinical Best Practices
(Published: June 2019)

eReferral and North East Assessment Centre
Central Intake Musculoskeletal Process

(Published: May 2019





Case Studies (2018)


eReferral and Diabetes Education
(Published: June 2018)

Patient Experience with eReferral
(Published: May 2018)

User Experience with eReferral
(Published: April 2018)






Case Studies (2016)


Clinical Intake for Geriatric Medicine Services
(Published: December 2016)

Co-ordinated Access to Orthopedic Specialists
(Published: August 2016)

Referrals to Stroke Rehabilitation
(Published: August 2016)

Referrals to Chronic Disease Prevention 
and Management
(Published: August 2016)