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The Regional User Group began in 2012 as a way for LRAs, managers, and users to connect with each other and the ClinicalConnect deployment team, where they could discuss ClinicalConnect issues and how to make the most of this new tool. Over time, ClinicalConnect, the Regional User Group, and its members has evolved, and this April we’re making significant changes to the group in order to better serve our members.


We’ve worked collaboratively with current Regional User Group members to identify and approve these changes, and we’re really excited to formally announce the end of the “Regional User Group” and the beginning of a new initiative: the ClinicalConnect in Waterloo Wellington Webinar Series.


This series will include two webinar streams: the LRA ClinicalConnect Update, and the End User ClinicalConnect Update. Updates will be held every two months, and will be segmented by organization (ie: primary care group, long term care group) so LRAs and users can hear information specifically related to their organization and communicate with other people in similar environments.


The LRA Update will be approximately 30 minutes long, and include topics like ClinicalConnect integration updates, and train-the-trainer support.

The End User Update will be between 15-30 minutes, and include ClinicalConnect updates and tips for using the system more effectively.


Both sessions will have question and answer opportunities with the eHealth Centre of Excellence team.


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Hannele Kivinen
January 11, 2022
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