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We’re pleased to announce the first physician integration to Hospital Report Manager (HRM) in South West Ontario at the East Wellington Family Health Team (FHT) in Waterloo Wellington.


Michelle Karker, Executive Director at East Wellington FHT, says: “Our Family Health team is excited to be the first in SWO to be implementing HRM. To be receiving reports electronically into our EMR from our health care partners in a timely and efficient manner is a tremendous step forward in improving patient care.”


The CFFM FHT eHealth Centre of Excellence, as the cSWO Change Management &Adoption Delivery Partner (CM&A DP), has been working in partnership with OntarioMD to support the implementation of Hospital Report Manager with physicians and nurse practitioners in Waterloo Wellington.


East Wellington FHT has two clinic locations in Erin and Rockwood, in the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). These are both smaller communities which border LHINs to the north and east of Waterloo Wellington, namely, Central West LHIN and Mississauga Halton LHIN.


Because East Wellington FHT operates close to these borders, many of their patients receive care in these two LHINs. Central West and Mississauga Halton are both part of the connecting Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Program, and, as such, will share their hospital reports with cSWO clinicians through HRM services which integrates this data across the province.


For East Wellington FHT, the benefit of HRM is immediate due to hospital facilities that are already integrated with HRM. As Michelle points out, through HRM, “these electronic reports will be received from health care partners within our LHIN but also from our neighbouring LHINs – in particular Headwater Hospital, Halton Health Care and William Osler Health systems.”


Michelle adds, “this tool has much operational efficiency but, most importantly, it will ensure we can follow up promptly with our patients after they have been in the hospital. We look forward to having more of our health care partners using HRM in the near future.”


The CFFM FHT eHealth Centre of Excellence continues to work collaboratively with OntarioMD to deploy HRM to more clinicians. Clinicians will receive reports from hospitals and independent health facilities that are currently live on HRM, and, following their integration in 2015, reports from the Waterloo Wellington and other SWO hospitals will become available through HRM as well.


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Hannele Kivinen
January 11, 2022
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