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What is changing with the Telus PSS update?


The latest release of Telus PSS (version 5.18) will now automatically calculate the morphine milligram equivalent (MME) score for patients who are currently taking an opioid medication.


Click here for full details on the Telus PSS (version 5.18) update.



What is the difference between MEQ and MME?


If you're familiar with our Opioid Management Toolkit, you may be wondering what the difference is between the tool's ability to calculate morphine equivalent (MEQ) vs. the update from Telus PS Suite that now includes the calculations of MME.


The MME and MEQ both provide equivalent information to the end user. The two terms can therefore be used interchangeably as they offer the same information output.



Telus PS Suite Update


Here is an example of how the MME will appear in Telus PS Suite:


Example of how MME appears in Telus PS Suite



Opioid Management Toolkit


Here is an example of how the MEQ appears in the Opioid Management Toolkit: 


Example of how the MEQ appears in the Opioid Management Toolkit


This MEQ information will continue to be displayed in a convenient and easily accessible location, visible alongside screens, information sheets, and other resources that are applicable to the management of opioid prescriptions.



Interested in a demo? To see a demo of the Opioid Management toolkit and/or to learn more about the MEQ calculations, click here to complete the sign up sheet to set up a coaching session.


Did you know? You can download our EMR decisions support tools - at no cost to you - directly from our community portal!


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January 11, 2022
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