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The QBIC team is pleased to announce that an updated Low Back Pain EMR tool is now available for use in TELUS PS Suite EMRs!


The goal of this tool is support clinicians with targeted back pain assessment and management. This custom form will guide family physicians and/or nurse practitioners to recognize common mechanical back pain syndromes and screen for other conditions for which management may include investigations, referrals and specific medications.


Key features:​

Low Back Pain EMR tool icon
  • Integration of identification of the mechanical patterns for low back pain into patient history questions.
  • Revised psychosocial yellow flags section, which includes questions and hints for providers to help identify patients who are at higher risk for developing chronicity.
  • Patient key messages integrated throughout the tool.
  • Management Matrix with suggestions for initial management based on the pain patterns of low back pain.


Clinical content for this tool has been adapted to align with guidelines such as the HQO Quality Standards for Low Back Pain and the Centre for Effective Practice – Clinically Organize Relevant Exam (CORE) Back Tool.


Interested in adopting this tool into your practice? Please contact Jeremy Howcroft at [email protected] today!


To view a list of all available EMR tools and services, click here for the QBIC catalogue.

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Hannele Kivinen
January 11, 2022
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