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From September 12 – November 17, the eCE is proud to be supporting Change Day Ontario!


Change Day Ontario



What is Change Day Ontario?


Change Day Ontario is part of a growing global movement that originated in the UK (NHS) in 2013 and was co-founded by a group of young physicians and Dr. Helen Bevan as a way to constructively harness the collective energy, creativity and ideas of thousands of people to improve the care and well-being of those within the health system.


The goal of Change Day Ontario is to support people with first-hand experience in the healthcare system to make changes that they feel passionate about through the form of a pledge. The power of the program is in the people behind it and we’re looking for people like you to join the movement. 



What is a pledge and who can make one? 


Anyone engaged within the healthcare sector is invited to participate by making a pledge.


The pledge, and how it comes to life, is completely up to the individual. It can be anything from spending an hour in an ICU bed to gain insight into a patient experience to taking 15 minutes a week to shadow a colleague to better understand their role.


By making a pledge, you have the opportunity to drive this change and bring a positive change to health care. Join us and make a pledge, big or small, to improve compassionate quality care and inspire positive change within the health system.


More information is available at


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January 11, 2022
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